Who We Serve

We are always happy to hear from businesses and individuals active in the following areas:


Console games, handheld games, mobile games, flash games, freeware games, browser games, gambling games, java games, indie coders, desktop applications, Mac applications, mobile applications, middleware, operating systems, in-game engines.


Art designers, graphic designers, webpage designers, animators, 3D imaging, level designers, narratives, scripting, sound engineers, playtesters, industry recruitment agencies, educational tools, driver developers.


Gadgets, portable gaming devices, components.


Animation, networking, forums, social media, messaging, aggregation, analytics, web design, advertising, marketing

If you feel your company, product or idea meets any of these client areas, or if you’re simply not sure. Please feel free to drop us an email to tell us a bit about what you do, so we can assess the best way to help you get the most out of your media relations.


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