Connect2Media – Timeloop Teaser Trailer Revealed

29 06 2009


The first gameplay footage of Connect2Media’s innovative and truly brain-melting puzzler Timeloop has been revealed on the developer’s official YouTube channel. The game will launch on iTunes soon for iPhone and iPod Touch consoles and as always, we will be the first to let you know when the game arrives.

Short but sweet, the trailer gives a slight taste of what gamers can except when the game launches. Using some very clever time shifting techniques, players must help plucky janitor robot Nik save scientists from a haywire laboratory. Check back soon for more info!


Hot New Reveal! – Car Jack Streets iPhone Intro Trailer

11 03 2009


After a long, long wait the first trailer for Tag Games highly-anticpiated iPhone version of their incredible crime-sim Car Jack Streets is here!


Available to view now exclusively on Tag’s Youtube channel, this is a teasing glimpse of what to expect when the game hits Apple’s app store in just over a fortnight.

Click here for the first glimpse:

Fans of crime games will go nuts for this orgy of destruction, high speed chases and law breakin, served in digestable, mobile-sized bites.

So check it out, leave the guys some nice comments and keep your eyes open for new behind the scenes videos hitting Youtube soon!