Assyria Game Studios Announce Future Racer for iPhone and iPod Touch

27 07 2009


Debut title from independent developer set to kick App Store into warp speed

Middlesbrough – 28 July 2009 – Independent developer Assyria Game Studio has today revealed its debut mobile title due for release on iPhone and iPod Touch. The incredibly slick Future Racer is a high speed, anti-gravity racer boasting fully 3D environments and a wide range of fiendish tracks set to test your reflexes to the limit.

From complicated toxic sewer networks, winding forests littered with hazards and illuminated night-time cityscapes, each of the six tracks are bursting with character. Future Racer strikes the perfect balance between delivering high speed thrills and impressive visuals, without compensating style for speed.

Integrating full tilt control, the game is easy to pick up and play but difficult to master, with fiendish AI players and the ongoing pressure of racing against the clock. Moving away from combat-based pickups, Future Racer focuses purely on speed and skill, with power-ups including speed boosts and subtracting precious seconds from your finishing time.

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Connect2Media: The First Timeloop Review is Here!

21 07 2009

Image2Pocket Gamer has today unveiled the first exclusive review of Connect2Media’s latest iPhone and iPod Touch title, the time-warping puzzler Timeloop.

To read the full article, please head over to Pocket Gamer:


The game has received the sites Bronze Award and is praised its ‘well constructed and robust’ main concept, ‘pleasant presentation, and the fact most levels are actually easier to complete than they first appear mean Timeloop is worth checking out’.

Kudos Connect2Media! We will publish the full launch release for Timeloop when the game warps onto iTunes soon. Keey your eyes peeled!

Electric TopHat: Updates for Modulo and Tocco Robo Imminent!

15 05 2009


Good afternoon gaming fans. Friday’s are really great aren’t they? Unless of course you’re a gaming journalist, then you spend Saturday and Sunday locked in your bedroom reviewing games all day. Hey, don’t start, the life of a games journalist/PR person isn’t all fun you know…just 99% of it 😛

This Friday in particular is brilliant for another, more important reason though, as The Gentleman Coders at Electric TopHat announce they are releasing updates to two of their insanely addictive and quite frankly, brilliant puzzle games Modulo and Tocco Robo.

Press releases will be available here when the official word goes out, but for now, enjoy some facts and screenshots of both games. They really are superb, addictive and bursting with charm and for such a small asking price, you’d be mad not to give them a  whirl!

Tocco Robo – £0.59


Click the image above to view the game in iTunes

Tocco Robo is Electric TopHat’s take on the block puzzle format, where players must line up rows of three matching robots to earn time and points. The premise is simple and accessible, but intense combo chains and five increasingly devious skill settings will put even the most seasoned puzzle fan to the test. With a slick art style and incredibly catchy tunes provided by the talented Robo Choir, this is a puzzle game with real character and charm.


Tocco Robo – Classic Version 1.1 will Feature:

• New Icon with a new Robo Trapped inside.
• Improved the game performance significantly.
• Improved the touch detection to make moving the Robos easier.
• Improved the Robo tutorial
• Added in a double collect multiplier for more points.
• Added auto detection of the iPod music and auto disable the game music.

Modulo – £1.19


Click the image above to view the game in iTunes

Exclusively designed and developed for Apple hardware, Modulo moves away from your traditional puzzle titles and asks you to think outside the box. Players must rotate a set of coloured cogs until they are all facing in the same direction. The aim is simple, but to master the game takes a great deal of lateral thinking, as tethered shapes gum up the works and force you to get your thinking cap on.


Modulo Update 1.1 will include:

• New Graphical Overhaul
• Improved Gameplay (we made the cogs go a little faster for you)
• 60 Additional Puzzles
• New Game Mode – Attack Mode
• Puzzle Ranking and Overall Difficulty Level Ranking
• User Audio Playback Support

Digital Goldfish: Bloons iPhone Bursts Onto App Store

22 04 2009


Balloon-Popping Arcade Puzzler Bursts onto Apple App Store

Dundee: Wednesday, 22 April 2009 – Award-winning game studio Digital Goldfish has unveiled its latest iPhone title, a revamped version of the flash classic Bloons. Originally developed by New Zealand studio Ninja Kiwi, the iPhone and iPod Touch versions retain the addictive appeal and long-lasting replay value that made the flash version an internet sensation.

It’s monkey versus rubber as you help a cheeky chimp hurl darts at balloons across 50 iPhone-exclusive stages. It wont be easy however, as fiendishly-placed bouncy blocks, steel barriers and frozen balloons get in the way. Players must use a combination of the environment, power-ups and well-placed shots to hit the targets and pass onto the next level.


You wont be doing it alone however, as players can collect power-up balloons, such as screen-clearing boomerangs, triple darts and bombs, perfect for causing high-scoring chain reactions and awesome trick shots.

Become good enough and you might just win the slew of unlockable content available only to the best players. Also, go ape with up to three friends and duke it out on one console for the best high score using the games multiple save slots. .

Bloons is one of the most addictive arcade games available today, made better by iPhone touch-screen control and a host of forthcoming exclusive features which will be available for download via App Store throughout the year.

For more information, please visit or if you would like to review Bloons for iPhone and would like to speak with Digital-Goldfish, please contact David Hamilton –


For press information, please contact:

Dave Cook
Managing Director, Ink Media
t: +44 (0)131 557 2183
m: 07525358281

David Hamilton
Digital Goldfish
t: +44(0)131 208 2838
m: +44(0)77194 81594

About Digital Goldfish

Established in 2005, Digital Goldfish is a games and entertainment studio based in Dundee, Scotland which creates high quality, original content for iPhone, iPod touch and a variety of mobile phone handsets.

Although Digital Goldfish creates games for the mass market, it has a special focus on delivering quality content for female gamers. The developer released its first title, Babygrow, directly to consumers in 2005. They have since gone on to release a string of best-selling titles such as the award-winning Reach For The Starz on mobile.

About Ninja Kiwi

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Ninja Kiwi is a casual publisher and developer of online flash games. Their popularity as a flash games developer sprouted from their well-renowned Bloons series. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, with successful puzzle and arcade alternatives including Boombot, Potion Panic and Replay Racer.

Car Jack Streets iPhone Exclusive Gameplay Video and Screens

24 03 2009



Ink Media can today reveal the first exclusive gameplay footage and screenshots for Car Jack Streets, the most anticipated iPhone game launch so far. Designed and developed by members of the original Grand Theft Auto creative team at Tag Games, the innovative title puts the high-octane thrills of crime simulation in your hands.

The critically acclaimed series has garnered rave reviews across the board, with the iPhone version set to build on this success, with innovative real time gameplay, stunning visuals and an awesome 80-minute soundtrack featuring some of the hottest unsigned acts of today.


Step into the shoes of Randal Meyers, a small time player in a big city. Your gambling debts to Italian mob boss Frankie have escalated to a whopping one million dollars and now he is calling in your debt. Do you have what it takes to stay alive, pay your debt and rise to the top of the criminal underworld?

You can go anywhere, drive any vehicle, shoot up the place with brutal weapons and take on both legal and illegal jobs to earn that case. Make your $50,000 a week payments on time or you’re a dead man!

Main Features

-Play in real time
-Infinite number of criminal and legitimate jobs
-Detailed 3D city to explore
-Over 80 minutes of music from the hottest unsigned acts
-Online ranking for the biggest earners
-Lots of vehicles to steal and smash
-Big, heavy-hitting weapons
-Unlockable achievements and hidden stuff

The Video!

More to follow next week! This game is out very soon so stay tuned for a solid release date announcement. For more screens and exclusive info, visit

Bloons iPhone: Digital Goldfish revamps a classic game

19 03 2009


Ink Media has today picked up the media campaign for the latest title from Digital Goldfish. It’s monkey versus rubber as Bloons, the game that sees a cheeky chimp hurl darts at balloons, is almost due for release on iPhone

I’m sure you have come across the insanely popular and equally as addictive flash classic before. It is a game that benefits from ease of play and the ‘just one more try’ factor, fast-becoming a brilliant distraction for office workers everywhere (naughty!)

The iPhone version will benefit from superb new touch controls, updated visuals and sound, plus brand new gameplay features we can’t reveal right now. Let’s just say, you’ll go positively ‘ape’ over what the team have done with the game.

A press release and exclusive screens will be available for the game right here and across iPhone and general gaming sites everywhere soon so keep your eyes (and bananas) peeled for the announcement, release date and a price point.


Please visit for more details.

For the original flash game that started the craze, visit the Ninja Kiwi site