Go! Go! Rescue Squad! 1.1 Update & Lite Out Now

27 07 2009

Image2New Versions Go Live on App Store

Manchester 28th July 2009: Connect2Media invite you to find the hero within yourself with the first update for the critically acclaimed action-puzzler Go! Go! Rescue Squad. PLUS get a whole free section of the game with Go! Go! Rescue Squad! Lite on the App Store now for FREE!

Go Go Rescue Squad 3

Fans of classic puzzlers such as Lemmings and Lost Vikings will enjoy this superb title, while newcomers will discover a charming and incredibly addictive game bursting with character and slick touch controls. This first update has been closely developed with fan feedback in mind, remedying all known issues and revamping several key elements, such as the control method and smoothing off the often harsh difficulty spikes.

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Digital Goldfish launch massive update for Bloons iPhone on App Store today

27 05 2009

Get significantly more ‘pop’ per buck via App Store today

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Dundee 25 May 2009 – Independent mobile games developer Digital Goldfish has today launched the first in a line of expansion packs for its smash hit iPhone title Bloons. Since launching in mid-April, the hugely addictive title has rocketed into the top ten paid apps in the UK chart and hit the number one spot in the US, making Bloons iPhone the developer‘s most successful launch to date.


The game is a remake of original flash title Bloons, developed by New Zealand studio Ninja Kiwi. Featuring 50 new stages and superb iPhone touch controls, the game is perfect for on the go play, guaranteed to suck you in with it’s accessible charm.

Launching today is the first in a line of expansion packs for the title, which will add an impressive 50 iPhone-exclusive levels to the existing roster. It also includes unlimited dart mode to help you get to grips with some of the trickier bank shots and a superb level editor, letting you challenge your mates at your own fiendish stages.

To keep informed about future expansions, please add Bloons iPhone to your Twitter feed by visiting www.twitter.com/bloonsiphone

The free Bloons iPhone expansion pack hits app store today, while the core game is available now for £0.59 / $0.93 / €0.67 For a direct download of Bloons iPhone, please visit the App Store at:



For press information, please contact:

Dave Cook
Managing Director, Ink Media
t: +44 (0)131 557 2183
m: 07525358281
e: fastrez@gmail.com

David Hamilton
Digital Goldfish
t: +44(0)131 208 2838
m: +44(0)77194 81594
e: davidhamilton@digital-goldfish.com

About Digital Goldfish

Established in 2005, Digital Goldfish is a games and entertainment studio based in Dundee, Scotland which creates high quality, original content for iPhone, iPod touch and a variety of mobile phone handsets.

Although Digital Goldfish creates games for the mass market, it has a special focus on delivering quality content for female gamers. The developer released its first title, Babygrow, directly to consumers in 2005. They have since gone on to release a string of best-selling titles such as the award-winning Reach For The Starz on mobile.

About Ninja Kiwi

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Ninja Kiwi is a casual publisher and developer of online flash games. Their popularity as a flash games developer sprouted from their well-renowned Bloons series. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, with successful puzzle and arcade alternatives including Boombot, Potion Panic and Replay Racer.

Please visit www.ninjakiwi.com for further information.

Bloons iPhone hits number one in the US

9 05 2009


Congratulations to our client, independent mobile developer Digital Goldfish for reaching the top spot in the Apple App Store US chart, with their horribly addictive arcade puzzler Bloons.

The game is a mobile version of the popular flash original developed by New Zealand studio Ninja Kiwi and features 50 made-for-iPhone stages and all new features.

The aim is to help your little monkey hero burst as many balloons as possible by throwing darts at them. Players must gauge the angles correctly and pull off a range trick shots to win.


The first free update for Bloons iPhone will be available via app store soon and features an additional 50 stages, unlimited darts mode and a level editor.

We’ll have more news on this as the update launches but for now, get on the app store and download the game, it’s absolutely brilliant.