Connect2Media: Pocket Gamer Post Timeloop Gameplay Video

20 07 2009

TimeloopLogo_STACKED_no character

Handheld and mobile game site Pocket Gamer has posted up a gameplay video for Connect2Media’s forthcoming iPhone puzzle title Timeloop.

The video shows you how to solve the games fiendish puzzles by looping time and working with past versions of yourself. Fans of similar brain-melting titles Braid and Portal will get a real kick out of Timelop when it launches on the App Store soon. Players must help Nik, the plucky janitor robot save a science lab after the place goes haywire, saving trapped scientists and feline test subjects along the way.

Thanks to Pocket Gamer for featuring Timeloop and posting this video online.


Tag Games: Official Car Jack Streets iPhone FAQ Available Now

15 05 2009


Car Jack Streets iPhone is a superb game. Fact. The game is bigger than the original Grand Theft Auto on PSOne, looks, sounds and plays nicer and the regular free expansion packs mean the game can only get bigger and better.

The lovely team at Dundee-based Tag Games just keep giving and giving. their latest gift to the gamers is a handy online FAQ for the game that explains a lot of the intracicies of the title, how certain things work and tactics you can use to help you pay back murderous mob boss Frankie.


Check it out online now via the link below and don’t say that Tag Games don’t love you now, because they most certainly do…