Welcome Aboard: JohnnyTwoShoes

18 06 2009


Ink Media has today joined forces with superb iPhone and Flash developer JohnnyTwoShoes, creators of the hottest new game on the App Store, High Speed Chase.


We’ll be getting the need for speed as we help the guys raise awareness of their new title, which is a classic blend of high-octane car duelling and explosive gunplay similar to the classic Spyhunter series.

Selling on App store now for the criminal price of 59p, this is a must have, with the whopping update 1.2 about to launch soon. Developed around customer feedback, this latest expansion drastically changes the game, making it bigger and better than the majority of titles on the app store for such a generous asking price.

As always, your friendly neighbourhood Ink Media will have a press release to announce the launch of update 1.2, along with the long list of new features and promo codes available for reviewers. So if you would like to review the game, please get in touch.

In the meantime, please visit the developer’s official site at:



Welcome Aboard: Cohort Studios, Electric TopHat & Assyria

29 04 2009

It’s a hat-trick for your friendly neighbourhood video game PR consultancy Ink Media as we’ve just managed to secure projects for three, count ’em, three new clients.

Introductions are necessary (hey, it’s only polite right?):


Cohort Studios


Electric Top Hat


Assyria Game Studio

Press releases for all three will be flooding the net in typical Ink fashion very soon as all three developers have some very exciting work in the pipeline that we simply can’t talk about right now for fear of a shoeing….or something.

Let’s just say, you’ll be hearing plenty more about these guys in weeks to come 😉