Ink Media: We’re Moving!

16 08 2009

More than just a new lick of paint, Ink Media is moving into an entirely new direction at the moment to deliver a shiny new site that will let mobile game developers and journalists work together to increase media exposure and ease of obtaining assets and so on. While we can’t say much yet, we will be contacting developers we have worked with before and journalist to let them know about what this great new and most importantly, free service will offer.

Watch this space mobile fans 🙂



Connect2Media: Pocket Gamer Post Timeloop Gameplay Video

20 07 2009

TimeloopLogo_STACKED_no character

Handheld and mobile game site Pocket Gamer has posted up a gameplay video for Connect2Media’s forthcoming iPhone puzzle title Timeloop.

The video shows you how to solve the games fiendish puzzles by looping time and working with past versions of yourself. Fans of similar brain-melting titles Braid and Portal will get a real kick out of Timelop when it launches on the App Store soon. Players must help Nik, the plucky janitor robot save a science lab after the place goes haywire, saving trapped scientists and feline test subjects along the way.

Thanks to Pocket Gamer for featuring Timeloop and posting this video online.

Connect2Media: Timeloop Competition on Pocket Gamer

13 07 2009


Those wonderful people at Connect2Media, developers of the superb Go! Go! Rescue Squad for iPhone and iPod Touch consoles are in a bit of a pickle and need YOU to help them!

TimeloopLogo_STACKED_no character

Their forthcoming iPhone game, the time-travelling, mind melting puzzler Timeloop is almost ready to hit the App Store and has received some superb early previews. Everything is in place…except the logo!

With the team unable to choose what logo best suits the game, they are handng the decision over to the gamers thanks to the lovely guys and girls at Pocket Gamer. Click here to enter for your chance to win a free copy of Timeloop for iPhone or iPod Touch and a bunch of rather lovely iTunes vouchers for the winner and runners up.

About Timeloop

Timeloop puts player in control of Nik, the helpful janitor robot who has to save the day after a catastrophe leaves a science lab in tatters. Because Nik is so small, he can’t possibly save all the trapped scientists and feline test subjects! Or can he?

By using a handy warping device Nik can go back in in time and work alongside copies of himself to solve devious puzzles and save the day. Guaranteed to test your mind and get you addicted, Timeloop is the must-have app this summer.

Expect a release date soon!

JohnnyTwoShoes: High Speed Chase iPhone 2.0 burns rubber on App Store today

1 07 2009

Intense road battles and explosive gunplay to get the adrenaline flowing

1 July 2009 – London: Get your seatbelts on, your airbags ready and your guns loaded, as High Speed Chase 2.0, the latest high-octane release from innovative flash and mobile developer JohnnyTwoShoes, launches on App store today.

Launching at £0.59 / $0.97 / €0.69, High Speed Chase 2.0 mixes classic, top-down racing with intense gunplay, similar to iconic retro classic Spyhunter. This new version has been completed developed from the ground up, based on customer feedback and critic response to deliver pure fan service for new and returning players alike.

The game has taken a huge leap since the original flash and iPhone 1.0 release that saw players taking down as many cars as possible for high scores. Version 2.0 offers 20 expansive missions that tasks players with taking out target vehicles, using a wide range of weapons, stunts and insane power-ups.

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JohnnyTwoShoes – High Speed Chase 2.0 Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

30 06 2009


London-based flash and mobile developer JohnnyTwoShoes has revealed the first gameplay trailer for its explosive new title High Speed Chase 2.0, which will be boosting its way onto iPhone and iPod Touch consoles in July. The game mixes intense road battles, ludicrous stunts and explosive gunplay as you tear across 20 action packed missions takign out targets as you go.

Take a look at the video below and prepare to be blown away. We’ll have more on the gamein the run up to launch so keep checking back.

Vroom Vroom!

High Speed Chase 2.0 First Images Revealed

25 06 2009


London-based flash and mobile developer JohnnyTwoShoes has today revealed the first gameplay images of its forthcoming App Store release High Speed Chase 2.0

The game is a superb blend of Burnout, Spyhunter and Twisted Metal as players must complete a series of 20 missions involving hard-hitting road combat, explosive gunplay and insane stunts.

Check out the superb images below and keep on checking back for the official launch release next week. For the original flash version of High Speed Chase 1.0, please visit




iPhone 3.0 & the Future of Mobile Gaming

16 06 2009


Now that I’ve returned from my holiday all tanned, with the internet now fixed in our office and with a string of great projects kicking off this week, normal posting can resume.

First, last week saw three of our clients, Dynamo Games, Tag Games and Digital Goldfish interviewed by on iPhone 3.o, the evolution of handheld distribution and what the future holds for the mobile gaming industry.

It’s a superb read, so if you are into Apple, mobile gaming and gadgetry of any kind, this is a must-read.

Let us know what you make of the piece and your opinions on iPhone 3.0