JohnnyTwoShoes: High Speed Chase iPhone 2.0 burns rubber on App Store today

1 07 2009

Intense road battles and explosive gunplay to get the adrenaline flowing

1 July 2009 – London: Get your seatbelts on, your airbags ready and your guns loaded, as High Speed Chase 2.0, the latest high-octane release from innovative flash and mobile developer JohnnyTwoShoes, launches on App store today.

Launching at £0.59 / $0.97 / €0.69, High Speed Chase 2.0 mixes classic, top-down racing with intense gunplay, similar to iconic retro classic Spyhunter. This new version has been completed developed from the ground up, based on customer feedback and critic response to deliver pure fan service for new and returning players alike.

The game has taken a huge leap since the original flash and iPhone 1.0 release that saw players taking down as many cars as possible for high scores. Version 2.0 offers 20 expansive missions that tasks players with taking out target vehicles, using a wide range of weapons, stunts and insane power-ups.

New to version 2.0:

*20 missions, each with different targets to eliminate

*Alternative touch controls to suit your preferred play style including on-screen joystick and tilt steering

*Increased view distance, allowing players to better line up their attacks and manoeuvres

*Players can fully upgrade their vehicle and purchase eight explosive weapons using credits earned during each mission

*Dynamic camera zoom ramps up the tension when travelling at high speed

*Improved tilt controls allow for precision handling, making every movement more responsive

*All new menu structure and design, together with animated interval screens ramp up the aesthetic quality considerably

*New jump attacks let players crush cars beneath their vehicle and use the resulting explosion to slingshot into the air for combo attacks

*Power ups allow players to drag enemy cars into walls, oncoming traffic and other obstructions using touch screen control

*Revamped health pickups let you keep going for longer

Starting out as a highly popular flash game, High Speed Chase has gone from strength to strength, quickly garnering a cult following. Version 2.0 of the iPhone game is the result of the respected feedback of players and a way of rewarding their dedication to what has been a revered series.

Maxwell Scott-Slade at JohnnyTwoShoes said: “High Speed Chase has always been close to the roots of Johnny Two Shoes and this 2.0 update shows we’re committed to an evolving game experience. We chat directly to the Johnny Two Shoes community so we’re in tune with what players want from our games. Feedback helped us shape the direction of High Speed Chase 2.0 and ultimately means we’re giving players what they want. Because we want to continue to bring new features to High Speed Chase iPhone based on player feedback, it’s your opportunity to get involved with an indie developer and help shape the future of High Speed Chase.”

Promotional codes for High Speed Chase 2.0 are available now for review and the team at JohnyTwoShoes are available for interview now to speak about the game, their company and their other superb titles. Please contact Ink Media via the details below to request a code or to be put in contact with the team.

For further information, please visit or follow the team on Twitter for live updates and promotional code competitions.


For press information, assets or promotional download codes for High Speed Chase 2.0, please contact:

Dave Cook
Managing Director, Ink Media
t: +44 (0)131 557 2183
m: +44 (0)7525358281
twitter: davescook

Maxwell Scott-Slade
t: +44 (0) 2076 449955
twitter: meridimus

Editor’s Notes

JohnnyTwoShoes is a relentless group of talented designers, illustrators and programmers based in London who absolutely love building great games from the ground up.

Our focus is on gameplay, what makes a game fun and not just graphics or recycling old ideas; Because a game isn’t just one thing — it’s a complicated blend of balanced Artificial Intelligence, appropriate Graphic Design, evolving Game Logic, incessant Optimisation, imaginative Marketing and exciting Illustration. JohnnyTwoShoes knows casual gaming inside out, we know what will push the player to close the browser and what will keep them hooked for hours.

JohnnyTwoShoes started out of early success, we earned massive traffic with our second ever game, HighSpeedChase, which we built for self-promotion. The Digg homepage, WIRED magazine and a host of others set loose millions of players to our website. That day we decided to quit our full-time jobs to chase our dream of making games.

JohnnyTwoShoes has launched 10 games since HighSpeedChase, most notably, Attak, SandStorm, The Heist, the Banana Dash series and HighSpeedChase on the iPhone. As well as two advergames for Coca-Cola.




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