Electric TopHat: Updates for Modulo and Tocco Robo Imminent!

15 05 2009


Good afternoon gaming fans. Friday’s are really great aren’t they? Unless of course you’re a gaming journalist, then you spend Saturday and Sunday locked in your bedroom reviewing games all day. Hey, don’t start, the life of a games journalist/PR person isn’t all fun you know…just 99% of it 😛

This Friday in particular is brilliant for another, more important reason though, as The Gentleman Coders at Electric TopHat announce they are releasing updates to two of their insanely addictive and quite frankly, brilliant puzzle games Modulo and Tocco Robo.

Press releases will be available here when the official word goes out, but for now, enjoy some facts and screenshots of both games. They really are superb, addictive and bursting with charm and for such a small asking price, you’d be mad not to give them a  whirl!

Tocco Robo – £0.59


Click the image above to view the game in iTunes

Tocco Robo is Electric TopHat’s take on the block puzzle format, where players must line up rows of three matching robots to earn time and points. The premise is simple and accessible, but intense combo chains and five increasingly devious skill settings will put even the most seasoned puzzle fan to the test. With a slick art style and incredibly catchy tunes provided by the talented Robo Choir, this is a puzzle game with real character and charm.


Tocco Robo – Classic Version 1.1 will Feature:

• New Icon with a new Robo Trapped inside.
• Improved the game performance significantly.
• Improved the touch detection to make moving the Robos easier.
• Improved the Robo tutorial
• Added in a double collect multiplier for more points.
• Added auto detection of the iPod music and auto disable the game music.

Modulo – £1.19


Click the image above to view the game in iTunes

Exclusively designed and developed for Apple hardware, Modulo moves away from your traditional puzzle titles and asks you to think outside the box. Players must rotate a set of coloured cogs until they are all facing in the same direction. The aim is simple, but to master the game takes a great deal of lateral thinking, as tethered shapes gum up the works and force you to get your thinking cap on.


Modulo Update 1.1 will include:

• New Graphical Overhaul
• Improved Gameplay (we made the cogs go a little faster for you)
• 60 Additional Puzzles
• New Game Mode – Attack Mode
• Puzzle Ranking and Overall Difficulty Level Ranking
• User Audio Playback Support



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15 05 2009

When I eventually get my hands on a properly working iPhone, I’ll be sure to check these out!

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