Electric TopHat: Mind-Melting Puzzler Modulo Hits App Store Today

29 04 2009


No sooner did independent Dundee-based (and quite frankly, awesome) iPhone games developer Electric TopHat team up with Ink Media, they had a brilliant and horribly addictive puzzle game called Modulo released on App Store to glowing reviews. Check the official press release below.

Innovative iPhone puzzler Modulo hits Apple App Store today, threatens your free time.

Developer Electric TopHat re-writes the definition of ‘addictive‘.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Dundee – Wednesday 29 April 2009 – Prepare to become inseparable from your iPhone and iPod Touch. The Gentleman Coders of Electric TopHat, the newest addition to the roster of innovative independent game studios in Scotland, launch unique and horribly addictive puzzler Modulo on App Store today. (Priced £1.19, $1.99 and €2.39)

Exclusively designed and developed for Apple hardware, Modulo moves away from your traditional puzzle titles and asks you to think outside the box. Players must rotate a set of coloured cogs until they are all facing in the same direction. The aim is simple, but to master the game takes a great deal of lateral thinking, as tethered shapes gum up the works and force you to get your thinking cap on.


Like classic games such as Sudoku before it, Modulo is one of the most addictive and mind-bending puzzle games on the market and is ideal for on the go play, with 180 unique levels designed to keep your mind bent out of shape for hours.

Bert McDowell of Electric TopHat, said: “Modulo is a thinking person’s game. We have designed it so that anyone can get to grips with the simple gameplay, and then they will be sucked in by the fiendishly addictive puzzles. It really is one of those titles that engrosses people so much that it can make a long train journey seem like it’s flown by in no time.”

To celebrate the launch of Modulo, Electric TopHat are releasing a series of exclusive videos from the game, giving gamers an insight into some of the fiendish puzzles they can expect face and some neat tricks they may find useful along the way. Gamers can check out this exclusive footage at the developer’s official Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/electrictophat

Players can also keep in the know about Modulo announcements via the official Facebook game profile here.

For further information about Modulo and other iPhone and iPod Touch apps from Electric TopHat, please visit their official site here.

For press information, assets or promotional download codes for Modulo, please contact:

Dave Cook
Managing Director, Ink Media
t: +44 (0)131 557 2183
m: +44 (0)7525358281
e: fastrez@gmail.com
w: http://www.inkpr.wordpress.com

Robert McDowell
Managing Director, Electric Top Hat
m: +44 (0)7763114741
e: bert@electrictophat.com
w: http://www.electrictophat.com

About Electric Top Hat

Started by two experienced video game developers, Electric Top Hat is the newest addition to the games industry in Scotland. With a background in large scale games development, and experience of working on award winningproducts, they have decided to turn their eye, and skills, to the iPhone market, focusing on fun, casual, mobile games to entertain and enthral all ages.

Robert (Bert) McDowell is an seasoned Irish game developer currently based in Scotland, with over eight years of game development experience and multiple published titles (including the award-winning Crackdown for the Xbox 360). He is now an independent game developer trying to make a living outside the standard publisher / developer relationship, currently focusing on small scale game development for Apple’s iPhone platform.

Dave Lees has worked in the video games industry since 1989 spanning platforms such as Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, PC, mobile phones and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. He was a founder of Visual Sciences as well as the Technical Manager for DMA. Dave has worked on Hired Guns, Lemmings for Windows, Lemmings Paint Ball, GTA, Crackdown and Medal of Honour amongst others.



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