Electric TopHat: Mind-Melting Puzzler Modulo Hits App Store Today

29 04 2009


No sooner did independent Dundee-based (and quite frankly, awesome) iPhone games developer Electric TopHat team up with Ink Media, they had a brilliant and horribly addictive puzzle game called Modulo released on App Store to glowing reviews. Check the official press release below.

Innovative iPhone puzzler Modulo hits Apple App Store today, threatens your free time.

Developer Electric TopHat re-writes the definition of ‘addictive‘.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Dundee – Wednesday 29 April 2009 – Prepare to become inseparable from your iPhone and iPod Touch. The Gentleman Coders of Electric TopHat, the newest addition to the roster of innovative independent game studios in Scotland, launch unique and horribly addictive puzzler Modulo on App Store today. (Priced £1.19, $1.99 and €2.39)

Exclusively designed and developed for Apple hardware, Modulo moves away from your traditional puzzle titles and asks you to think outside the box. Players must rotate a set of coloured cogs until they are all facing in the same direction. The aim is simple, but to master the game takes a great deal of lateral thinking, as tethered shapes gum up the works and force you to get your thinking cap on.


Like classic games such as Sudoku before it, Modulo is one of the most addictive and mind-bending puzzle games on the market and is ideal for on the go play, with 180 unique levels designed to keep your mind bent out of shape for hours.

Bert McDowell of Electric TopHat, said: “Modulo is a thinking person’s game. We have designed it so that anyone can get to grips with the simple gameplay, and then they will be sucked in by the fiendishly addictive puzzles. It really is one of those titles that engrosses people so much that it can make a long train journey seem like it’s flown by in no time.”

To celebrate the launch of Modulo, Electric TopHat are releasing a series of exclusive videos from the game, giving gamers an insight into some of the fiendish puzzles they can expect face and some neat tricks they may find useful along the way. Gamers can check out this exclusive footage at the developer’s official Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/electrictophat

Players can also keep in the know about Modulo announcements via the official Facebook game profile here.

For further information about Modulo and other iPhone and iPod Touch apps from Electric TopHat, please visit their official site here.

For press information, assets or promotional download codes for Modulo, please contact:

Dave Cook
Managing Director, Ink Media
t: +44 (0)131 557 2183
m: +44 (0)7525358281
e: fastrez@gmail.com
w: http://www.inkpr.wordpress.com

Robert McDowell
Managing Director, Electric Top Hat
m: +44 (0)7763114741
e: bert@electrictophat.com
w: http://www.electrictophat.com

About Electric Top Hat

Started by two experienced video game developers, Electric Top Hat is the newest addition to the games industry in Scotland. With a background in large scale games development, and experience of working on award winningproducts, they have decided to turn their eye, and skills, to the iPhone market, focusing on fun, casual, mobile games to entertain and enthral all ages.

Robert (Bert) McDowell is an seasoned Irish game developer currently based in Scotland, with over eight years of game development experience and multiple published titles (including the award-winning Crackdown for the Xbox 360). He is now an independent game developer trying to make a living outside the standard publisher / developer relationship, currently focusing on small scale game development for Apple’s iPhone platform.

Dave Lees has worked in the video games industry since 1989 spanning platforms such as Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, PC, mobile phones and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. He was a founder of Visual Sciences as well as the Technical Manager for DMA. Dave has worked on Hired Guns, Lemmings for Windows, Lemmings Paint Ball, GTA, Crackdown and Medal of Honour amongst others.


Welcome Aboard: Cohort Studios, Electric TopHat & Assyria

29 04 2009

It’s a hat-trick for your friendly neighbourhood video game PR consultancy Ink Media as we’ve just managed to secure projects for three, count ’em, three new clients.

Introductions are necessary (hey, it’s only polite right?):


Cohort Studios


Electric Top Hat


Assyria Game Studio

Press releases for all three will be flooding the net in typical Ink fashion very soon as all three developers have some very exciting work in the pipeline that we simply can’t talk about right now for fear of a shoeing….or something.

Let’s just say, you’ll be hearing plenty more about these guys in weeks to come 😉


Digital Goldfish: Bloons iPhone is top-ten hit on App Store.

28 04 2009


It’s been a superb week for our client, independent mobile games developer Digital Goldfish, as their brilliantly addictive iPhone title Bloons fired straight into the top ten paid for apps in the UK. It seems you can’t get enough of the cheeky monkey and his balloon-popping escapades.


Like a bat out of hell, when you least expected it, an expansion pack is on the way already including:

* 50 more exclusive levels.

* Unlimited Darts mode.

* Level Editor – allowing you to customise and store your own levels.

Plus, loads more exclusive features for you to add to your game. Keep your eyes on our blog for more info as it comes.

Guardian Tech-Blogger Aleks Krotoski caught up with Digital Goldfish coder David Hamilton about the runaway success of Bloons iPhone on the blogs latest Tech Weekly Podcast. You can find his segment 19 minutes, 40 seconds in on the official Guardian page here.

Congratulations guys, well deserved!

Digital Goldfish: Bloons iPhone Bursts Onto App Store

22 04 2009


Balloon-Popping Arcade Puzzler Bursts onto Apple App Store

Dundee: Wednesday, 22 April 2009 – Award-winning game studio Digital Goldfish has unveiled its latest iPhone title, a revamped version of the flash classic Bloons. Originally developed by New Zealand studio Ninja Kiwi, the iPhone and iPod Touch versions retain the addictive appeal and long-lasting replay value that made the flash version an internet sensation.

It’s monkey versus rubber as you help a cheeky chimp hurl darts at balloons across 50 iPhone-exclusive stages. It wont be easy however, as fiendishly-placed bouncy blocks, steel barriers and frozen balloons get in the way. Players must use a combination of the environment, power-ups and well-placed shots to hit the targets and pass onto the next level.


You wont be doing it alone however, as players can collect power-up balloons, such as screen-clearing boomerangs, triple darts and bombs, perfect for causing high-scoring chain reactions and awesome trick shots.

Become good enough and you might just win the slew of unlockable content available only to the best players. Also, go ape with up to three friends and duke it out on one console for the best high score using the games multiple save slots. .

Bloons is one of the most addictive arcade games available today, made better by iPhone touch-screen control and a host of forthcoming exclusive features which will be available for download via App Store throughout the year.

For more information, please visit www.digital-goldfish.com or if you would like to review Bloons for iPhone and would like to speak with Digital-Goldfish, please contact David Hamilton – davidhamilton@digital-goldfish.com


For press information, please contact:

Dave Cook
Managing Director, Ink Media
t: +44 (0)131 557 2183
m: 07525358281
e: fastrez@gmail.com

David Hamilton
Digital Goldfish
t: +44(0)131 208 2838
m: +44(0)77194 81594
e: davidhamilton@digital-goldfish.com

About Digital Goldfish

Established in 2005, Digital Goldfish is a games and entertainment studio based in Dundee, Scotland which creates high quality, original content for iPhone, iPod touch and a variety of mobile phone handsets.

Although Digital Goldfish creates games for the mass market, it has a special focus on delivering quality content for female gamers. The developer released its first title, Babygrow, directly to consumers in 2005. They have since gone on to release a string of best-selling titles such as the award-winning Reach For The Starz on mobile.

About Ninja Kiwi

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Ninja Kiwi is a casual publisher and developer of online flash games. Their popularity as a flash games developer sprouted from their well-renowned Bloons series. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, with successful puzzle and arcade alternatives including Boombot, Potion Panic and Replay Racer.

Welcome Aboard: Triple B Games

22 04 2009


Ink Media has been signed up by Dundee Triple B Games to help promote their superb debut title, the retro football game Fitba, released on Xbox Live Community Games in March. Taking you all the way back to when football games were just plain fun and didn’t make you wade through endless stat menus, the game apes titles such as classic sports game Sensible Soccer.

With a similar top down view, superb twin stick control system, full team creator and Xbox Live versus modes, you can truly live the beautiful game for under a fiver (400MS points to be exact)

To celebrate the launch of Fitba, Ink Media has knocked up a press release giving you the lowdown of this superb independent title.Check it out below along with some assets.

Keep your eye on Triple B Games, they are going to be huge in the indie game scene!



Fitba Slide Tackles Its Way Onto Xbox Live Community Games

Live the beautiful game for less than a burger meal

Relive the passion and competition of the greatest sport on earth in true retro style with Fitba the superb debut release from Dundee-based independent video game developer Triple B games. Available for the low price of 400 Microsoft points (approx. £3.40) via the Xbox Live community games store, the game is easy to get into, incredibly addictive and boasts a superb multiplayer mode for you and your mates to duke it out for glory on the pitch.

Using an old-school, top down viewpoint similar to the classic Sensible Soccer series of games, Fitba lets you pull off some nifty moves thanks to the easy to use dual stick control system. Players can also create their own team, with fully customisable strips and players. You can then take your dream team online to compete against other gamers via Xbox Live and make your name known to the masses.

Independent developer Jonathan “Fritz” Ackerley said: “Fitba rips up the last ten years of football games to get back to the simple joys of kicking a ball about, using innovative, intuitive controls to deliver classic gameplay”.

The game has already received rave reviews for its ease of play and superb control system, meaning anyone can get in on the action. Head over to http://www.triplebgames.com/ to view the official trailer, check out the game’s other features and read the developer’s blog.


For further information, please contact:

Dave Cook
Managing Director, Ink Media
t: +44 (0) 752535828
e: fastrez@gmail.com
w: http://www.inkpr.wordpress.com

Jonathan Ackerley
Triple B Games
t: +44 (0) 7956662685
e: info@triplebgames.com
w: http://www.triplebgames.com

About Triple B Games

Triple B Games was set up in 2007 in Dundee by industry veteran Jonathan “Fritz” Ackerley (Harry Potter’s Quidditch World Cup, Shadowman, F1 2002, Actua Soccer 2).

The company’s aim is to show that great games can be delivered without any of the traditional ‘AAA’ baggage of vast teams & overblown production values. Taking a punk approach to games, developing fast and using free tools wherever possible, Triple B have now launched Fitba on the Xbox 360 Community Games channel. A response to the bland, formulaic approach of current football games Fitba is real football, football with soul, a kick about with your mates rather than the vapid commercialism of the Champions League.

Car Jack Streets iPhone: Dev Diary #4 – ‘Code’

6 04 2009


Tag Games, developer of the highly-anticipated iPhone crime-sim Car Jack Streets has today unveiled the latest chapter of its developer diary video series for the game. ‘Code’ gives another glimpse behind the scenes at Tag, this time focusing on programming the car handling, integrating online ranking boards, top secret features and how the developer compiled the game’s epic 80-minute soundtrack, featuring the hottest unsigned artists.


Check out ‘Code’ below, as featured on the Tag Games Youtube channel here:

For exclusive information and media for Car Jack Streets, please visit the official site:


Review – Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

1 04 2009

Run and Gun Without the Fun…

Great plots, superb controls, shiny visuals, immersing soundtracks. These are the things great games are made of. They make us part with our hard-earned cash every Friday release day. However, when a developer makes humour the unique selling point of one of its games, it had better be funny and enjoyable enough to warrant the price of admission. Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, try as it might, isn’t one of those games. Instead it’s a generic cover shooter with daft jokes, lampooning other game franchises twice as accomplished and twice as revered by fans than it could ever hope to be.

Matt Hazard himself is a washed-up action video game star, his fame diminished by a slew of crap sports and go-karting tie-ins. After a spell on the z-list of gaming celebrities, Matt is hired by a brand new game company to start in a new cop shoot-em-up game, involving lots of generic Yakuza gangsters shooting up a Japanese tea-house. It starts off simple enough, with an easy to use cover-and-shoot system, so far so tolerable.


After a while, the game starts to glitch and random enemies from other games start spawning in, trying to kill Matt. He’s discovers he’s not actually the lead in the game as he was led to believe, instead he is supposed to get killed off at the end of the first level by a shockingly un-funny Arnold Schwarzenegger sound-a-like. So Matt, with the help of obligatory female sidekick (who may or may not fall in love with Matt by the end credits) must fight back against the game and survive.

The premise is actually solid, it really is. It is almost a shame that this title does not materialise into something better but after you have fought the 40th pack of enemies who all move, react, defend and attack the same way, you just can’t help but care less about what happens. Another problem is just how confusing things can be. Some jokes are clear and easy to understand, but aren’t funny, others are just plain baffling.

For example, one mission sees you protecting a wizard who sounds like an Irish William Shatner, presumably ripped from a fantasy game of some kind (it’s honestly impossible to figure out what he’s supposed to be), as he recharges his spell power so he can teleport to safety. You pick off the attacking goons, who all run along set paths and spout the same four lines of dialogue you just feel drained. It would be easier to care if the humour was present and correct and the game itself had some real innovations, but it doesn’t.

Weapons are standard fare, including shotguns, machine guns, magnums. The arsenal is as uninspiring as the dodgy camera and poor signposting. One stage sees the boss enemy turn off all the lights in the area as he lays in darkness with a sniper rifle. This could have been a tense game of cat and mouse. Instead, you literally can’t see where you are going and find yourself dying several deaths because you ran into a bit of terrain you couldn’t see, long enough for the boss to kill you with a headshot. Absolutely infuriating stuff.

It isn’t big, it isn’t clever and it certainly isn’t as funny as it attests to be. It’s parodial sure, but you can’t help but feeling a game this lacklustre simply doesn’t have the right to poke fun at its peers. This is truly a wasted chance to make something clever and enjoyable.

Words: Dave Cook

Pix: Games Press

This review was originally published on Scotland’s best video game magazine and website, SquareGO  here.