Bloons iPhone: Digital Goldfish revamps a classic game

19 03 2009


Ink Media has today picked up the media campaign for the latest title from Digital Goldfish. It’s monkey versus rubber as Bloons, the game that sees a cheeky chimp hurl darts at balloons, is almost due for release on iPhone

I’m sure you have come across the insanely popular and equally as addictive flash classic before. It is a game that benefits from ease of play and the ‘just one more try’ factor, fast-becoming a brilliant distraction for office workers everywhere (naughty!)

The iPhone version will benefit from superb new touch controls, updated visuals and sound, plus brand new gameplay features we can’t reveal right now. Let’s just say, you’ll go positively ‘ape’ over what the team have done with the game.

A press release and exclusive screens will be available for the game right here and across iPhone and general gaming sites everywhere soon so keep your eyes (and bananas) peeled for the announcement, release date and a price point.


Please visit for more details.

For the original flash game that started the craze, visit the Ninja Kiwi site




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21 03 2009

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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