Welcome Aboard: Tag Games

5 03 2009


Second of our new signings is Dundee-based mobile developer Tag Games. These guys are on the brink of unleashing a little known game called Car Jack Streets onto the iPhone. It’s a crime sim like no other and one of the most ambitious mobile games so far on any platform.

The game plays in a similar vein to to the original Grand Theft Auto titles (The Tag Team were part of DMA Design when they made the original GTA), but with many brilliant additions that make it superior to the originals in every way.

Favouring a retro top-down view, the game features a real-time day-night cycle that affects the gameplay. Real-time missions keep you on your toes – planned a bank job at 10pm tonight? Well, you better be there on time or you’re going to miss it and get on the wrong side of the mob (not advised of course!)


Gamers can also compete against other Car Jack Streets owners with online rankings constantly hanging over your head, reminding you of how much you suck (not really, they’re a nice bunch really).

Feature 80 minutes of radio music from some of the hottest unsigned bands across the globe, including Soma High, Atom tha Immortal, Esteban, The Amateurs and Laurelyn Carter, this is the most inmmersive and expansive game to ever grace the palm of your hand.

Like the in-game songs? Download them at the touch of an icon via itunes. Ink Media’s first press release for this massive game will focus on the bands who helped provide the music for the game. We’ve also got video developer diaries, exclusive trailers and a host of fun things on the way. Watch this space!

Check out the home of Tag Games at


For Car Jack Streets iPhone, visit





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