Welcome Aboard: Outerlight

5 03 2009


Ink Media has today added two new clients to its constantly expanding roster. The first, is the superb games developer Outerlight, creators of the insanely popular Source engine-based assassination title, The Ship.


Ahh, a tropical haven just waiting for a smattering of claret..lovely!

Available on Valve’s Steam platform The ruthless game tasks player to kill or be killed, taking out their targets with extreme caution, evading security and staying one step ahead of other assassins.

A new, free expansion patch for The Ship, World Leaders has just been release and Ink Media are picking up the hit contract *ahem* media campaign. We’ll be doing a some of our own unique brand of  stealthy covert viral marketing and a healthy dose of competition assassination. Watch this space, this is going to be huge!

World Leaders is one to watch, because not only does it let you take out your ‘recession rage’ on those responsible, shooting Tony Blair and Osama Bin to smithereens anyone? Those who suffered economic turmoil in the 80’s can get revenge by taking out Margaret Thatcher with extreme prejudice too!

More info as it comes and trust us, this will be Ink Media’s most ambitious project to date. World Leaders is coming for you…





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