Street Fighter IV Review

1 03 2009

Scottish visitors to our company’s site may already know that our MD, Dave Cook is an award-winning games journalist. Dave writes a small, but brilliant gaming column in Edinburgh newspaper, The Scotsman.

In the spirit of the kind of clients our company deals with on a daily basis, we’ve decided to start posting up other, non-PR articles that our team produce or come across, so visitors can get a feel for what we’re all about

So, to kick things off, here is Dave’s most recent review Scotsman review of the instant classic, Street Fighter IV on XBox 360. We hope you enjoy it as much as Dave enjoys playing this game. (Somehow we doubt it, he REALLY likes this game…but wont play as anyone else but Ken)

(From The Scotsman, Saturday, 28th February 2009)

Street Fighter IV


Xbox 360/PC/PS3


CAPCOM’S dedication to their fans over the past few years has been incredible, with updates of old classics and sequels that fix every gripe players had with their predecessors. Street Fighter IV takes every single element that made the franchise so popular to begin with and bolsters them to perfection. No bones about it, this is, without exaggeration, the greatest beat-em-up ever.

All 12 of the original world warriors return, from friendly rivals Ryu and Ken to the fearsome M Bison and Sagat. Six new fighters enter the mix, each with varied styles that shake things up considerably – from the twitch play of luchadore El Fuerte’s dash attacks to amnesic brawler Abel’s punishing throws.

The fight dynamic is accessible for newcomers, with a new attack system that anyone can learn with a bit of practice. Familiar super-combo gauges return, allowing for superb finishers. A new revenge meter fills as you take damage, eventually spilling over into the new ultra system, letting you pull off insane attacks that drain almost 50 per cent of your opponent’s life bar.

Aesthetically, it’s an exemplary game, with stupidly catchy music, hard-hitting sounds when you connect with your opponent, larger-than-life characters and great 3D backgrounds.

It’s loud, it’s in your face and exudes character. Coupled with superb online and challenge modes, this truly is a fitting homage, not just to an iconic fighting series but to the fans who have supported that series since day one. Absolutely essential gaming.




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