Car Jack Streets iPhone Exclusive Gameplay Video and Screens

24 03 2009



Ink Media can today reveal the first exclusive gameplay footage and screenshots for Car Jack Streets, the most anticipated iPhone game launch so far. Designed and developed by members of the original Grand Theft Auto creative team at Tag Games, the innovative title puts the high-octane thrills of crime simulation in your hands.

The critically acclaimed series has garnered rave reviews across the board, with the iPhone version set to build on this success, with innovative real time gameplay, stunning visuals and an awesome 80-minute soundtrack featuring some of the hottest unsigned acts of today.


Step into the shoes of Randal Meyers, a small time player in a big city. Your gambling debts to Italian mob boss Frankie have escalated to a whopping one million dollars and now he is calling in your debt. Do you have what it takes to stay alive, pay your debt and rise to the top of the criminal underworld?

You can go anywhere, drive any vehicle, shoot up the place with brutal weapons and take on both legal and illegal jobs to earn that case. Make your $50,000 a week payments on time or you’re a dead man!

Main Features

-Play in real time
-Infinite number of criminal and legitimate jobs
-Detailed 3D city to explore
-Over 80 minutes of music from the hottest unsigned acts
-Online ranking for the biggest earners
-Lots of vehicles to steal and smash
-Big, heavy-hitting weapons
-Unlockable achievements and hidden stuff

The Video!

More to follow next week! This game is out very soon so stay tuned for a solid release date announcement. For more screens and exclusive info, visit


Car Jack Streets: Tag Games unveils exclusive developer diaries

19 03 2009


Tag Games, developer of the most anticipated iPhone game to date, the superb crime simulator Car Jack Streets has today unveiled two new exclusive developer diaries via their Youtube channel.

Each video gives an insight into the game’s development and a never-before-seen glimpse at the developer’s habitat. Featuring appearances from managing director Paul Farley and the rest of the team, these are not to be missed.

Car Jack Streets is available on iPhone soon and is looking to be a best-seller. Want to find out why? Visit for more info.

Developer Diary #1:

Developer Diary#2:

Bloons iPhone: Digital Goldfish revamps a classic game

19 03 2009


Ink Media has today picked up the media campaign for the latest title from Digital Goldfish. It’s monkey versus rubber as Bloons, the game that sees a cheeky chimp hurl darts at balloons, is almost due for release on iPhone

I’m sure you have come across the insanely popular and equally as addictive flash classic before. It is a game that benefits from ease of play and the ‘just one more try’ factor, fast-becoming a brilliant distraction for office workers everywhere (naughty!)

The iPhone version will benefit from superb new touch controls, updated visuals and sound, plus brand new gameplay features we can’t reveal right now. Let’s just say, you’ll go positively ‘ape’ over what the team have done with the game.

A press release and exclusive screens will be available for the game right here and across iPhone and general gaming sites everywhere soon so keep your eyes (and bananas) peeled for the announcement, release date and a price point.


Please visit for more details.

For the original flash game that started the craze, visit the Ninja Kiwi site

Hot New Reveal! – Car Jack Streets iPhone Intro Trailer

11 03 2009


After a long, long wait the first trailer for Tag Games highly-anticpiated iPhone version of their incredible crime-sim Car Jack Streets is here!


Available to view now exclusively on Tag’s Youtube channel, this is a teasing glimpse of what to expect when the game hits Apple’s app store in just over a fortnight.

Click here for the first glimpse:

Fans of crime games will go nuts for this orgy of destruction, high speed chases and law breakin, served in digestable, mobile-sized bites.

So check it out, leave the guys some nice comments and keep your eyes open for new behind the scenes videos hitting Youtube soon!

Welcome Aboard: Tag Games

5 03 2009


Second of our new signings is Dundee-based mobile developer Tag Games. These guys are on the brink of unleashing a little known game called Car Jack Streets onto the iPhone. It’s a crime sim like no other and one of the most ambitious mobile games so far on any platform.

The game plays in a similar vein to to the original Grand Theft Auto titles (The Tag Team were part of DMA Design when they made the original GTA), but with many brilliant additions that make it superior to the originals in every way.

Favouring a retro top-down view, the game features a real-time day-night cycle that affects the gameplay. Real-time missions keep you on your toes – planned a bank job at 10pm tonight? Well, you better be there on time or you’re going to miss it and get on the wrong side of the mob (not advised of course!)


Gamers can also compete against other Car Jack Streets owners with online rankings constantly hanging over your head, reminding you of how much you suck (not really, they’re a nice bunch really).

Feature 80 minutes of radio music from some of the hottest unsigned bands across the globe, including Soma High, Atom tha Immortal, Esteban, The Amateurs and Laurelyn Carter, this is the most inmmersive and expansive game to ever grace the palm of your hand.

Like the in-game songs? Download them at the touch of an icon via itunes. Ink Media’s first press release for this massive game will focus on the bands who helped provide the music for the game. We’ve also got video developer diaries, exclusive trailers and a host of fun things on the way. Watch this space!

Check out the home of Tag Games at

For Car Jack Streets iPhone, visit

Welcome Aboard: Outerlight

5 03 2009


Ink Media has today added two new clients to its constantly expanding roster. The first, is the superb games developer Outerlight, creators of the insanely popular Source engine-based assassination title, The Ship.


Ahh, a tropical haven just waiting for a smattering of claret..lovely!

Available on Valve’s Steam platform The ruthless game tasks player to kill or be killed, taking out their targets with extreme caution, evading security and staying one step ahead of other assassins.

A new, free expansion patch for The Ship, World Leaders has just been release and Ink Media are picking up the hit contract *ahem* media campaign. We’ll be doing a some of our own unique brand of  stealthy covert viral marketing and a healthy dose of competition assassination. Watch this space, this is going to be huge!

World Leaders is one to watch, because not only does it let you take out your ‘recession rage’ on those responsible, shooting Tony Blair and Osama Bin to smithereens anyone? Those who suffered economic turmoil in the 80’s can get revenge by taking out Margaret Thatcher with extreme prejudice too!

More info as it comes and trust us, this will be Ink Media’s most ambitious project to date. World Leaders is coming for you…

Street Fighter IV Review

1 03 2009

Scottish visitors to our company’s site may already know that our MD, Dave Cook is an award-winning games journalist. Dave writes a small, but brilliant gaming column in Edinburgh newspaper, The Scotsman.

In the spirit of the kind of clients our company deals with on a daily basis, we’ve decided to start posting up other, non-PR articles that our team produce or come across, so visitors can get a feel for what we’re all about

So, to kick things off, here is Dave’s most recent review Scotsman review of the instant classic, Street Fighter IV on XBox 360. We hope you enjoy it as much as Dave enjoys playing this game. (Somehow we doubt it, he REALLY likes this game…but wont play as anyone else but Ken)

(From The Scotsman, Saturday, 28th February 2009)

Street Fighter IV


Xbox 360/PC/PS3


CAPCOM’S dedication to their fans over the past few years has been incredible, with updates of old classics and sequels that fix every gripe players had with their predecessors. Street Fighter IV takes every single element that made the franchise so popular to begin with and bolsters them to perfection. No bones about it, this is, without exaggeration, the greatest beat-em-up ever.

All 12 of the original world warriors return, from friendly rivals Ryu and Ken to the fearsome M Bison and Sagat. Six new fighters enter the mix, each with varied styles that shake things up considerably – from the twitch play of luchadore El Fuerte’s dash attacks to amnesic brawler Abel’s punishing throws.

The fight dynamic is accessible for newcomers, with a new attack system that anyone can learn with a bit of practice. Familiar super-combo gauges return, allowing for superb finishers. A new revenge meter fills as you take damage, eventually spilling over into the new ultra system, letting you pull off insane attacks that drain almost 50 per cent of your opponent’s life bar.

Aesthetically, it’s an exemplary game, with stupidly catchy music, hard-hitting sounds when you connect with your opponent, larger-than-life characters and great 3D backgrounds.

It’s loud, it’s in your face and exudes character. Coupled with superb online and challenge modes, this truly is a fitting homage, not just to an iconic fighting series but to the fans who have supported that series since day one. Absolutely essential gaming.