‘Tweeting’ marvellous! – It’s the edtwestival

13 02 2009


Last night was definitely something of a first for many people. Venues across the UK played host to the first in what will no doubt be a long line of ‘Twestivals’. It really is a brilliant concept, where members of the ‘not quite a blog-not quite a networking site’ Twitter got together to meet face to face, some for the first time, despite having exchanged tweets for a long while.

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect, other than it was a charity event to raise funds for clean water pumps in Africa (I’m happy to add that they exceeded their quota for the evening!) and that there would be live music and an awful lot of tweeting.

A networking event at its core, patrons were given those stereotypical ‘Hi My Name Is…’ badges, but instead of your own name of course, you had your Twitter username, followed by instructions of how to tweet your interactions throughout the evening. Displayed in the venue’s main bar was a giant map of people’s interactions throughout the evening, who they met, when they met them, who met the most people (not ideal if you’re ‘billy-no-mates’)

Attendees could even tweet to the Twestival’s live feed, displayed on screens around the venue, people could comment on the evening’s events. Once the charity raffle had been drawn, the cries of ‘shenanigans’ started flooding in from tweeters, disgruntled that they were going home empty-handed.

The winning tickets were all orange and in the 300’s mind you……

Twestival is really a rare thing. The days of networking events full of cliques and people standing at opposite sides of the room are surely a thing of the past, as this event was cheerful and actively encouraging strangers to interact with Twitter as the platform.

Let’s hope the event regular and not just an annual occasion. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some tweeting to do…

(oh and incase you were wondering, my twitter username is davescook feel free to add me for video game news and PR tidbits)




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