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29 01 2009

I must confess that I live something of a double life. Aspiring PR consultant by day, jack-of-all-trades video game journalist by night.

While I’m now focusing about 99.9 per cent of my efforts on this sparkling new and, of course, exciting media relations company, It’s only right to provide an insight into the other things I do when I’m not helping game companies and others get their message out to the masses.

Any fellow Scots reading this will of course know of The Scotsman newspaper. If you pick one up on a Saturday, check out the inside back page of the Critique supplement. This is where my award-winning games column lives. I’ve been penning this legendary scribe for just over a year now and I even won a Games Media Award for best regional columnist for my trouble.

-Not bad for a 250-word square I hope you will agree 🙂

I also work as features editor for another Scottish publication; Independent, game magazine Square-Go, which I also helped conceptualise and launch. www.square-go.com

It’s a new, rapidly growing publication and, while I’ll be the first to openly admit it needs many a kink ironed out, it’s definitely well on it’s way.

If you would like to bookmark my article feed, please visit: http://www.square-go.com/author/Dave%20C

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Many thanks and as always, feedback is appreciated,

Dave Cook, MD


Dynamo Games kicks-off new sports brand with award-nominated Football Tycoon

28 01 2009


BAFTA award-winning developer spies new silverware at the 2009 Independent Games Festival Mobile awards

Dundee – 27 January 2009 – Award-winning mobile game developer Dynamo Games has today announced plans to launch a new line of sports titles under the ‘Dynamo Sports’ banner, premiering with the launch of mobile game Football Tycoon. The forthcoming title is also the only Java game short-listed for a 2009 Independent Games Festival (IGF) Mobile Award for best technical achievement. Winners are to be announced at the Games Developer Conference 2009 (GDC) in San Francisco, March 23-27.

Dynamo Games are hosting a stand at the IGF mobile area and are also inviting attendees to meet with the developer at GDC. Interested parties should contact Managing Director Brian McNicoll directly via the company’s website: www.dynamogames.com

Available early Summer 2009, Football Tycoon follows a similar format as the popular Rollercoaster Tycoon series, while adding a unique twist to the standard football game genre. Moving away from traditional management simulator gameplay, players step into the shoes of a wealthy business owner and live out their dream of running a football club. From hiring managers, controlling finances, developing your stadium and orchestrating intense media campaigns, the game gives players an unprecedented degree of freedom.

The title boasts two expansive single player modes;  The rags to riches ‘Grass Roots’, which tasks players with taking a small team to the top of the Tycoon Owner Rich List within 30 years and ‘Scenario Mode’, which allows owners to tackle a variety of challenges, such as taking over a small club and pulling them out of administration.

How gamers achieve these goals is entirely up to them. Will you give some of your hard-earned cash back to the local community or save the spoils to fund your fight to the Premiership and elite European competitions?  The shift away from traditional management simulator gameplay, an unmatched wealth of player options and a rich, detailed visual style makes for a winning hat-trick.

Brian McNicoll said: “That Football Tycoon has already been short-listed for an industry award is testament to the creativity of our team and their ability to consistently produce fun, innovative titles for the thriving mobile market.”

“We will also be creating versions for Baseball, American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Golf, F1, NASCAR, Cricket & tennis. We are also looking to take the series to different handheld platforms such as BREW, iPhone, Android, Nintendo DS and as such, we are on the lookout for potential distribution partners to take these games to market.”

Football Tycoon will be released early summer 2009.
Visit www.dyanmogames.com and www.football-tycoon.net for further developer information.

For further information on the Independent Games Festival 2009, please visit http://www.igf.com/


For press information, please contact:

Dave Cook
Owner, Ink Media
t: +44 (0)131 557 2183
m: 07525358281
e: fastrez@gmail.com

Brian McNicoll
MD, Dynamo Games
t: +44 (0)1382 348635

About Dynamo Games

Dynamo Games Ltd was established in 2004 as a development studio working specifically within the emerging mobile content market. To date Dynamo has worked on a number of different applications for Java™ enabled mobile phone handsets, as well as creating a number of highly-successful mobile games.

Dynamo is an established company with expertise in number of areas, including the enormously popular sports management games genre. The company’s debut title – a football management game, was released in 2005 by Eidos Interactive under the world famous Championship Manager brand. The mobile series has already won several key industry awards over the last three and-a-half years, with each title receiving critical acclaim across the gaming media.

The company’s passion and enthusiasm for sports games and mobile phone development in general is key to its success. As such, the developer will release series of new, innovative sports titles under the brand ‘Dynamo Sports’, launching Summer 2009.

In addition, Dynamo is also the creator of the ‘Mobi’ series of guides – Mobile applications that give users helpful tips and answers to everyday situations, such as motoring and medical emergencies. The series is one of the first sets of applications offering practical and readily available advice to mobile owners worldwide, as and when they need it.

Dynamo has the capability, project management experience and tools to develop and complete multi-language, multi-handset J2ME applications for publishers and carriers all over the world. The company’s expertise with sports management titles unmatched within the mobile sector.

Dynamo Games are constantly looking for new challenges and interesting new projects within the mobile sector. Any company wishing to create a new, innovative and exciting game, application or service for mobile phone handsets, should contact Dynamo directly via the details issued with this release.

Issue Five of free gaming magazine SquareGo hits stores today

27 01 2009

Issue Five

Issue Five

Print version rolled out across Scottish entertainment stores, web version online now

EDINBURGH – 26 January 2009 – SquareGo, Scotland’s first and only video game magazine is available today in print and online formats. The January edition is the biggest and most diverse since the publication’s well-received launch at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival in August 2008. The editorial team are also celebrating a successful push into stores in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Issue five continues the editorial team’s aim to create a fun, accessible magazine for gamers of all backgrounds and skill levels, opting for jargon-free, informative copy. After all, what’s really more important, whether or not textures look grainy up close or if the game is worth your hard earned cash? The team would like to think the latter.

Adorning the front cover this month is artwork from independent developer Eskil Steenberg’s mysterious MMO project Love. The two-page cover feature attempts to bring the title to the attention of gamers who might overlook it on release and give further insight into the curious project.

Editor Josh Wilson said: “At SquareGo we’re giving individuals, who may be put off reading up on innovative games like Love on jargon-heavy websites or magazines, a less-arduous way of keeping on top of news in the industry. From parents who have only just started buying their children games on the Wii or DS, to the older gamer who has skipped a generation or two and wants to get back into the hobby, we’re definitely talking their language.”

The latest issue also includes features on Capcom’s forthcoming title Resident Evil 5, a retrospective look at Nintendo’s darkest release in For the Love of…The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, an analysis of movie games across the years in Cut! The Curse of the Movie Game and more.

The usual host of console, handheld, PC, mobile and free games returns including: Silent Hill: Homecoming, Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City, Wii Music, Hero of Sparta, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Singstar Vol. 3, Fatal Fury Battle Archives, Banjo-Kazooie and much more.

Not Scottish? Check out the online version of Issue five at http://www.square-go.com/blog/213

Interested in advertising in SquareGo, in print or online? For more info contact sales@square-go.com


For press information, please contact:

Dave Cook / 0131 557 2183 / 07525358281 / fastrez@gmail.com
Josh Wilson / 07929381197 / josh@square-go.com

About SquareGo

The newest independent gaming magazine, catering for gamers of all backgrounds and skill levels. Distancing itself from using technical terms and jargon, stockist and reader feedback since the publication’s launch in August 2008 has been superb.

Originally launching with a distribution of 3,500 free copies across Edinburgh, 5,000 copies currently make their way to over 25 entertainment retailers across the capital, Glasgow, Dundee, Perth and Sterling including Game, Gamestation, HMV, Blockbuster, Chips, indie stores and various pubs and cafes.

SquareGo’s website, www.square-go.com features additional daily news, reviews and features. Currently enjoying an average of 10,000 unique web hits a month, it has steadily built up a base of regular visitors.

In December 2008, the website launched two regular features, the topical debate series The War Room and retrospective analysis For the Love of… Forthcoming budget gamers guide Bargain/Bin and the much-anticipated SquareGo video cast are due to launch February 2009.

Magazine content is also featured in the game section of free Scottish culture magazine The Skinny, currently enjoying a circulation of over 33,000 copies and 46,000 unique web hits per month. For more information, please visit www.theskinny.


13 01 2009

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